The 4 Things to Look for in Cloud Storage Pricing

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Every company is going to have a slightly different process of cloud storage pricing. Not every company is going to price their cloud storage in exactly the same way or with the same tier structure in mind. However, as you’re looking for the right cloud storage for your business, there are a few things that you want to make sure your cloud storage provider is offering. Here are four things you should be looking for as you look at cloud storage pricing.

1. Straightforward Payment

One of the most important things to look for, especially for smaller businesses, is very straightforward payment options. Sure, “tiered” payment may look like a good option, especially if you’re going to need lots of storage every month, but this means that the people in the lower tiers will pay significantly more per GB than those in the higher tiers. It’s often better for everyone to get a single low price per GB or TB.

2. Predictable Billing

Surprise charges are one of the ways that a company may try to make more money off their customers, especially if the customers are interested in canceling their services. You should know all of the charges that the company is going to bill you for when you make a purchase. Surprise charges are one of the biggest ways that companies can break trust with a customer, and they shouldn’t be part of the process for a cloud storage service.

3. Payment Without Reserved Lock-Ins

Many cloud storage companies require that you pay for a certain amount of cloud storage at the beginning of the money. This can be extremely annoying for customers that regularly have their cloud storage needs change, and it can be equally annoying for customers who aren’t quite sure how much storage they’ll need, as they may accidentally pay for way too much. It also encourages companies to buy more storage than necessary. Payment as you go is much more effective for your budget.

4. Transparency for Extra Services

Most companies are going to offer some kind of extra services as part of their cloud services. You may be able to buy extra add-ons that can help your business a bit, but that may not be strictly necessary. These extra services should be fully transparent. You should know whether they’re a one-time purchase or a monthly purchase, exactly what you’re getting with them, and what they’ll help your company with, all before you actually pay for them.


Cloud storage pricing can range from very simple to very complicated. No matter how much cloud storage you’re interested in buying, it’s important that you look for the best cloud storage for your money. These four things are also extremely important for many companies. If you want to make sure that your cloud storage is working for your budget, make sure the storage company you go with utilizes these four important elements for their pricing.