Backup, safety copy to avoid losing data. Who does it?

data backup

Over 65% of users worldwide have lost data, and there is still 7% who do not adopt any method of protecting their personal information. It is the result of a survey conducted by the technology company Acronis on the occasion of World Backup Day, the day to raise awareness on the conservation of your data.

The research shows positive information: almost all users (92.7%) now back up their computers with an increase of over 24.1% compared to last year, the most consistent on an annual basis. World Backup day is an opportunity for users to understand the increasingly important role of this operation, explains the site promoting the initiative.

World day has been celebrated since 2011 to make people aware of the importance of creating a backup, either on a USB memory, a hard disk, or online through a cloud service, the digital cloud, to collect data. Making a backup means creating a second or third copy of your files – from photos to videos, from emails to documents – so as not to risk losing them in case the computer or phone in which they have stored breaks down, is lost or stolen.

How to make a backup

In any case, for those who choose the traditional way, in the first instance, it is, therefore, necessary to connect the external memory unit to any USB port on the PC and make sure that it recognizes it. Then, show the icon under Devices and Drives. The second step is to set up the backup for the newly connected device. To proceed, click on Start and then on Setup.

Then from the panel, choose Update and Security. In the next window, we have to tell Windows which drive to use for the backup. And then, you need to click on the icon with the + symbol to add a new unit. After that, a small selection menu will appear where available disk drives will be collected. If more than one is connected, choose the one to use.

At this point, once you have chosen the unit, enter Other options among the proposed possibilities. First, the overview of possible actions will be displayed. It would help if you waited a few moments before proceeding with the backup. Under Backup files, specify how often you want the operation to be repeated. The default setting is Hourly, but of course, you can change it as you like. By scrolling the screen, you can see the folders that Windows includes in the backup. If you think some of these aren’t important, select them and choose the Remove command. In the same way, finally, it is possible to include a specific folder, perhaps the one that contains personal documents, with a click on Add a folder.