Tech For The Holidays: 5 Ideas To Impress Your Loved One


When your friend or family member measures theirholidays in megabytes, then you know you can’t rely on the usual gifts that pop up around the season. Another cable knit sweater won’t work, nor will a discounted DVD of Elf you picked up from CVS. Gift certificates are impersonal, boutique jam sits in the fridge for years, and jewellery is too expensive.

The tech-lover in your life doesn’t want your clichéd, boring, or useless gifts. Check in with these tech-inspired holiday gifts to land a present that will truly impress the person on your list. From accessories to consoles to apps, there’s something for everyone below.

  1. Personalized Calendar

Personalized Calendar

If your friend is the king or queen of selfies, then your cloud is probably full of the snaps you took together, plus a few more of them on their own. Put them to good use this season in a truly thoughtful gift, and send them over to the people behind Social Print Studio.

They can create a personalized calendar made from your photographs and any special prints you and your friend love. Each day is assigned a photo inset as an adorable polaroid to add a nostalgic and personal touch to the calendar, with just enough space to write out reminders for your meet up over apps.

  1. iPhone skins

iPhone skins

If your loved one upgraded to the new iPhone X, then you’re familiar with a certain song and dance. Though it’s heralded as the best phone in the world, after every swipe, text, and phone call, they’re furiously buffering away fingerprints and face grease. And it seems like they’re always complaining about the latest scuff or scratch to ruin its sleek lines.

Put a stop to this by getting them an iPhone X skin. When it comes to skins iPhone X users with the glass finish benefit most of all, as its thin yet durable application hides all the cosmetic damages that happen so often with the model. You can also protect and customize with iPhone X skins, since they come in bamboo, dragon skin, or even carbon fiber designs to give their handset a new style in time for the holidays.

  1. SNES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition

When your loved one calls themselves a gamer over a gadget lover, Nintendo could offer the way into their hearts this season. Since last year, the gaming company rolled out a mini, updated version of its classic gaming systems, the NES and SNES, and it has plans to tackle the N64 in the near future.

These new consoles don’t just fit in the palm of your hand. Both the NES and SNES have undergone significant upgrades to make these old-school systems hook up easier to smart TVs. Best of all, they won’t have to blow on the cartridge of their new Star Fox 2 or Link to the Past whenever they want to boot up the game.

  1. MoviePass Membership


The gadget lover is often a movie nerd in disguise. If they love to catch a flick in theaters, then the MoviePass membership is a perfect gift. It lets you to watch an unlimited number of movies for just $10 a month.

With Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok already out and Black Panther set to hit theaters in February, we can think of a couple moviesworthy of the big screen. The Oscars are just around the corner, too, giving them time to get your money’s worth by catching up on all the Academy Award nominated films before the ceremony.

  1. A Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant

Now that the world’s over Facebook’s little experiment where two robots invented their own language, personal assistants are back on the table. Well, unless your name is Elon Musk. If it isn’t, then the person on your list would appreciate the help of an AI personal assistant.

Whether you choose Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod, do some research. Figure out which device would best synch with their gadgets and simplify their day. Each assistant is built upon machine learning, so they can adapt to your partner’s habits as it keeps tabs on their apps.

A talking robot that suggests they bring an umbrella to work. A gaming system that reminds them of their childhood. Or an iPhone decal that covers up their handset’s injuries. When it comes to your tech lover, any of these gifts have a better chance of scoring points than a last-minute pick-up from the drug store. Leave the corny gifts behind for a tech-inspired present and impress your loved ones this holiday.