Meet The Growing Demand For Encrypted Communications

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Since the early days of digital communications, email has been the preferred method of communications for business, government, and individual consumers. However, people are beginning to realize that email may not always be the ideal way to communicate when they’re dealing with sensitive information, thanks to the high-profile leaks that seem to happen year after year in both public and private sectors. The fact is that emails are sent in plain text and they can be read by just about anyone without the sender ever finding out, especially if they’re sent over an insecure WiFi connection. BlackBerry remains the smartphone of choice for many government and corporate offices as the most secure and business-minded mobile on the market, PGP Encrypted BlackBerry devices are still the benchmark for secure global communication.

PGP technology has changed the security game, and it’s now possible for BlackBerry users to know with confidence that their messages can only be read by the intended recipient. BlackBerry PGP encryption is giving corporate and government users a greater sense of security when they send important and confidential messages, but you may be wondering just how it works.

PGP encryption cannot prevent third parties from intercepting emails, but what it does is make those intercepted messages unreadable and completely meaningless to the interceptor, as they can only be decrypted by the intended recipient. When the sender sends off their email, it’s compressed by the encryption company; a randomized and disposable (one-time only) session key required to decrypt the email is created. The recipient receives the encrypted messages and session key which can only be revealed by their BlackBerry device’s unique private key, and they then use the session key to decrypt the message.

As a reseller, you may be wondering how you can provide this service to your customers who are concerned about the privacy of their emails: encryption companies dedicated solely to BlackBerry devices like Myntex work with resellers like you to provide flexible subscription terms. Any encryption company you partner up with should offer great PGP technology, secure wipes of subscribing devices if they’re lost or stolen, as well as secure instant messaging through PGP. You can learn more about the services that distinguish superior security features on, which also has more information about how a reseller partnership works and the variety of subscription plans for different users.

Security remains the number one value of the majority of BlackBerry users and providing an encryption service will help you grow your business as a reseller. Your customers already trust your brand, and if you want to provide reliable encryption services with your name on it, you can also find white labelling options at companies like Myntex, allowing you to attach your own business’s trusted brand to new options for secure communications. If you want your business to thrive, you must be able to offer the services that corporate and government BlackBerry users are turning to in order to keep their communications secure.