Great Apps Students Need to Download

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Studying is difficult, time consuming, challenging, and yet wonderful and rewarding. In today’s world, we spend an increasing amount of time on our smartphones or tablets, always downloading the latest apps to entertain, organise or make our lives easier. Here are the best apps all students should have on their devices.


Evernote is a brilliant note taking app. Write lists, add pictures, start writing essays, or just plan and make notes, all on your smartphone on the go. They’ll be there on your computer when you are ready for them. This is especially useful if you study an online course in MSN administration and are trying to balance study with work or raising a family.


Digit is a fantastic app for helping students save money. Digit connects to your bank account, and monitors your spending habits. It then takes money out of your account, at times and in amounts you won’t notice. It’s an easy way to save money, without having to think about it or work out what you can afford.

Easy Bib

Bibliographies are one of the most annoying things students have to compile. You spend hours working on an assignment, only to remember you need to add a bibliography. It’s time consuming, tricky, and annoying. Easy Bib is an app that does most of the work for you. It’s definitely worth a look.

Sound Note

We’ve been recording lectures for a long time, this isn’t new. Sound Note, however, removes the need for a Dictaphone or any other equipment. It allows you to make high quality recordings on your smartphone.

Study Blue

For revision help, look to Study Blue, an app to help you make revision flashcards, saving you a lot of time and making revision easier and your study material more memorable.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep can be difficult to come by when we are busy. Students of online courses, such as an msn in nursing administration from Bradley University, often find it hard to sleep as they study late into the night, with no formal class structure. Sleep Cycle is an app that analyses your sleep patterns and wakes you in its lightest phase, helping to make sure you get a great night’s sleep.

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is a great app for helping you to keep fit. It tracks your runs, speeds, and can give you split information. It’s great if you’re just getting into running or training for an event.

Wise Drinking

Wise Drinking gives you a way to track and record your alcohol consumption. While college is a time to have fun, excessive drinking can be incredibly dangerous, damaging to your long-term health, and sets up bad habits for life. Wise drinking is a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

We are all glued to our smartphones. These apps should at least make sure you are getting the most from them, helping you to study, control your finances, keep fit, and remain safe. Apps can be more than just fun. They can also be exceptionally useful.