Providing More Safety To Your Mobile Through Privacy Protector App


When your data privacy is at stake, and you do not want to take any chances, you can have the privacy protector app for encryption and archiving your files with guaranteed protection. This unique app is now available online at a special price and is packed with exclusive features that make it the best option for protecting your data from being hacked.

Privacy protection is now simplified as ever, with this protector app helping you to prevent hackers from getting access to your important info like credit card and other financial info. You have the option to use your favorite search engine to ensure total privacy to your searches and also prevent others from having a track on your online activity. It will allow you to stay secure and safe on unfamiliar networks and public Wi-Fi. And also help you to encrypt all connections that you have. No more using separate tools for cleaning, archiving and encryption of data, which are at times unreliable and are not compatible with each other, instead, here is an app that will provide you with a solution that is well balanced and bring usability as well as clarity to settings and menus. Other unique features of this privacy app include using flash drives to work as master keys, and burning of data and archiving them safely with recordables of high security. It can work without any password, and what is more, you can use existing images and files as password keys.

No more you have to memorize passwords of lengthy characters, instead, you can move around with a mobile password that is handy, by using the flash drive to be plugged in for generating the master key automatically. To create your email with proper attachment with just a click, and to clear all unwanted files, you can use the system cleaner which can be customized to your needs. With this app, your security applications will not look boring, but will have excellent and unique features that will help your data to stay fully protected. The protector app is designed with a built-in support of a M-Disc that will help your data to last even up to One Thousand Years. You will not have bitter experiences in losing data after only a few years, instead, this app will offer you with options for long term encryption of data. With this Privacy protector, you can remove all traces left while browsing, to help you remove unwanted files and free your disc space while protecting your files. Easy handling is what you get from using this app which has salient features that include creating self extracting archives, deleting files irrevocably and permanently, and using AES 256 for encryption as well as decryption. Going online, you can see the screen shots to get an idea of what this protector app can do. You will find websites from where you can download this app after buying at special prices. You will have all time support when you buy this app, which will help you to have extra protection of your data. For more information click here