5 High Paying Tech Jobs and How to Get Them

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Everyone knows that there is a whole load of cash to made in the tech industry. You hear stories of these twenty-year-old tech geniuses developing the next viral worldwide app and making their millions. Unfortunately, not everyone that lives their lives in the world of IT has such huge and successful breakthroughs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn big bucks the classical way either. There are a number of high paying tech jobs that could well be yours in the next few years if you have the will and drive to work towards them.

1.      Chief Information Officer

As you would expect from the title, a CIO is the gaffer of technology within a business. The CIO works closely alongside the CEO of the company, making sure that the technological infrastructure aligns with the company goals and is able to support the development as the business continues to expand. The CIO is the top of the top in the world of business tech, so don’t be expecting to land yourself this one straight away, but it is definitely something that you can aim for in the long run if you can see yourself running the tech show. You will need to show your commitment, possibly take further study, and prove that you are a capable and efficient leader.

2.      Cloud Architect

Cloud computing systems have been a recent innovation that have taken electronic storage to a whole new level. The days of memory cards and USB storage devices are diminishing, if they haven’t already completely evaporated. Cloud architects are IT experts responsible for designing, maintaining and managing the cloud network of a company. All the business’s essential information will be transferred and stored on the cloud, so the position of a cloud architect is of great importance, which is why the title results in a larger pay slip than other standard tech jobs. By homing in on this and developing knowledge around this niche area of IT, you are setting yourself up for an important and well-paid position in the future.

3.      Big Data Engineer

For anyone that is not used to seeing and dealing with large data sets, they can be rather scary, confusing and there is a lot that can go wrong, which is why companies employ big data engineers to design, build, test and maintain complex data processing systems to deal with them. Depending on the company, the data they work with differs; it could be terabytes of customer information, petabytes of operational data, or figures around the product. Big data engineers use raw information to develop insights into ways to optimize business and operations, mitigate compliance, regulate risks and create revenue streams. To land yourself this high paying position, you will need a strong foundation of knowledge in this area and appropriate experience.

4.      Data Security Analyst

Breaches of data security have popped up involving some big names in the app and IT world in the past few years, which highlights just how important this role is. Data security analysts hold a critical role within a company that handles any sort of data, which is why they get paid the big bucks. Security breaches harbor a whole load of risks, for the business and their clients. Basically, as a data security analyst, you would be responsible for keeping information safe and secure. Hackers and anyone trying to access company information are constantly developing new strategies and systems to try and get through cyber-security measures, which is why this job involves constant growth and development to ensure they cannot break through. Not only will you need to be an expert in the field, but you will also have to be able to effectively communicate strategies and protocols to your team and others who are not involved in tech, meaning you also need quality communication skills.

5.      Pre-Sales Engineer

People in tech generally tend to be more mechanical minded than social; they have such extensive IT expertise, but do not have the ability to communicate it to others, especially those who are not so tech inclined. This is why the role of a pre-sales engineer is of such importance. As a pre-sales engineer, you need to have the technical know-how alongside management and business knowledge with the ability to sell the product. They work closely alongside a salesperson but are able to go into further detail about the technology in a way that is clear and understandable.

Getting to the Top

It’s all well and good knowing which jobs are out there that will give you the funds to buy your dream car, but what do you have to do to actually get there?

Be Business Minded

All of the high paying roles in tech require you to have a broader viewpoint than the systems and IT that you are working with. You need to look at the business as a whole and approach your work with this in mind. Showing that you are thinking about the success and future of the company will help you climb to these higher paying roles.

Further Your Education

Knowledge certainly is power; there is no way to float yourself up to the top on bare minimal, unfortunately. Invest in your skills and knowledge by completing an online masters computer science at Baylor University to prepare you for the highest roles in computer science and software engineering.

Commit to the Cause

Don’t just invest in yourself, but show that you are invested in the company. Find innovative ways to improve systems and software without being asked, keep up to date with the latest developments and trainings in your field and consistently adapt it to be of benefit to the business; show commitment to the business and their success.

Volunteer and Excel

You want to get yourself noticed as being proactive, forward thinking and a great asset to the company. Make sure you volunteer yourself for as many projects as you are capable of taking on, and you completely excel in each and every one of them; even the jobs that no one really wants. If you are willing to work hard and can produce top quality outcomes under pressure, you’ll be in the running for one of those top end jobs. Now that you know where to aim and how to get there, you’ve just got to put in the time, effort and commitment to make it happen.