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Starting a Web Hosting Reseller Business: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve decided that you want to set up a web hosting reseller business, then you’ve made a brilliant choice. This type of online business offers a fantastic way to make yourself a healthy profit and gain lots of clients. It’s vital that businesses have a great website as being online is key to a successful business, but many don’t have either the time or knowledge to host and update their own website. Before you embark on your reseller hosting business, here’s a few things you should know. Keep Reading


Cheap Web Hosting is Bad for SEO

If you are wondering why, even after all the work you’re putting in to SEO strategies and techniques, your site doesn’t seem to be moving up in the search engine results at all, it could have something to do with the web hosting provider which you are using. For many website owners, the idea of web hosting doesn’t cross their mind when it comes to improving SEO. But, choosing the right web host can actually have a significant effect on search engine optimisation, with the right choice giving your SEO a boost and the wrong one doing the exact opposite. Here’s why cheap or free web hosting is bad for SEO. Keep Reading