Tips and Tricks for Solving Complicated Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been in existence for a very long time and continue to gain popularity. The game started when an engraver used a piece of wood, and his maps then affixed them. Today, people solve these puzzles regularly, and the total number of players that play jigsaw puzzle monthly has grown.

Despite being popular, solving jigsaw puzzles can be tricky until you get the hang of it. After all, it is still a puzzle and so don’t expect big that there will be any big surprises. Keep scrolling to find out the various tips and tricks you can use while solving complicated jigsaw puzzles.

  1. Handle your Set-Up Cautiously

You might be tempted to dump pieces of puzzles carelessly on your table or kitchen after opening them. You’ll use your kitchen table before completing the puzzle. You have to assess your table and compare it to the size of the puzzles in case you want to work on a dining table

It would help if you had a lot of space to fit the puzzle and extra space for the pieces. A spacious gaming area enables you to work on the puzzle pieces efficiently without knocking them on the floor.

  1. Sort Wisely

When doing puzzles, a lot of people neglect the sorting process. Taking your time to sort wisely can pay off during assembly. It is wise to have different sorting trays that can be used to place other pieces of similar colors in the various trays.

  1. Pay attention To Tiny Areas

It is better to work on small sections at a go instead of selecting a puzzle just because it looks appealing to the eye. Once you are done, ensure the area on the border is set where it belongs. This will make the assembling process simpler.

  1. When You Face Challenges, Consider Changing the Techniques

Sometimes, you have to look at the puzzle from a different perspective every time you feel stuck. Small breaks between the game are also significant as they help you relax. Use shapes while sorting the pieces.

  1. Don’t Consume Most of Your Time on a Single Piece

One of the common mistakes gamers make while solving puzzles is wasting their time on a single piece. You might be tempted to complete an area, especially if the piece involved is the final one. You may discover that the piece is missing, although sometimes this is not always the case. If this is not the case, you’ll see when the number of pieces reduces.

  1. Maintain Order

You’ve probably consumed a lot of time putting your pieces in place, so don’t let all that be in vain. If you are wrong when placing a single piece, return it to its initial position. Consider separating the different groups of pieces from where you found them to avoid making the same mistake twice.


You solve puzzles because they are interesting to create, and you get some accomplishment from the game. Suppose you feel frustrated by solving a particular puzzle, walk away, and return to it later. You’ll come back more motivated to crack the hard puzzle. All the best!