Should I Get an iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4?


Hybrid PCs take the functionality of tablets to a whole new level, bringing the processing power of a laptop to this slimmed-down form factor. There are countless tablet options on the market, but the two most popular lines are the Microsoft Surface and iPad families, each of which enjoys a long and successful history in the industry. . The Microsoft Surface Pro will be released at Harvey Norman in November alongside the iPad Pro, and while both are built as the finest device available, only a direct comparison can uncover the truly superior option.

Processor: iPad Pro

The Intel m3 processor that powers the base model Surface Pro 4 is a chip comparable to entry level PCs, which should be plenty for the needs of most users. It can also be upgraded to a more powerful i5 processor and even an Intel Core i7 chip suitable for use in high-end professional laptops. However, the standard A9X processor included with the iPad Pro outpaces all but the top level Surface chips.

OS: Surface Pro 4

The newest version of the Microsoft Surface is compatible with the desktop version of Windows 10, making it capable of running full size applications. While the iPad Pro does include the latest version of iOS, which delivers updates to Siri as well as an array of other upgrades, it is limited to running mobile applications in its stock form

Screen: Surface Pro 4

The two tablets have relatively similar-sized screens with nearly identical image quality ratings, with the Surface Pro 4 bearing a 12.3 inch screen compared with the 12.9 inch display of the iPad Pro, but the slightly more compact design of the Surface Pro screen yields a small advantage in image quality.

Stylus: Surface Pro 4

The Apple Pencil is the standard stylus for the iPad Pro, giving users the ability to use their device as a notepad as well as control their iPad. Similarly, the Surface Pen gives direct entry functionality to Surface Pro 4 features, but improves on the iPad Pro experience with more than 1,000 levels of pressure detection and a magnetic storage strip at the side of the unit.

Keyboard: Surface Pro 4

The iPad Pro ships with an included basic keyboard, but as it does not include a trackpad it may be difficult to consistently type on the device for long periods. In comparison, the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover has a full size trackpad, redesigned keys and backlighting to simulate the full laptop experience as closely as possible.