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Instagram, how to try augmented reality products before buying them


It starts with Mac, Nars, Warby Parker and Ray-Ban, but the prospects for this new technology are much greater. Instagram has become big business for brands to sell their products, and now the Facebook-owned social media giant is making the process more intuitive. New at the moment is the creation of selected list of brads that can add a new AR testing functionality to the product pages. This new service will initially be available to a few brands in the cosmetics and optics market such as Mac, Nars, Warby Parker and Ray-Ban.

Augmented reality on Instagram to try products

This is only the first step as Instagram plans to make this feature available for more products. Facebook itself had already launched this feature some time ago in its Marketplace section for selected brands.

There are several ways that Instagram users can access this augmented reality feature, one of which is that you can try the product in AR before adding it to your cart or even share this experience on a story complete with a link to the product page. This technology may use in online casino as well.

Among other innovations, Instagram is developing a new messaging app called Threads designed to foster “constant, intimate” connections between its users. The new app will allow people to share location, speed and battery life with so-called “close friends” on Instagram. If launched, Threads will be the latest messaging app added to Facebook’s wallet, which already owns Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. People are from different community use those features for group discussion. Gamer from casino likes www.kingjohnnie.info are active in social media as well.

Facebook has already announced plans to integrate its apps’ messaging platforms in order to create the “best messaging experiences” for its billions of users around the world. It’s unclear if threads would be included in this, but the new app has already been tested internally. Screenshots of the threads seen by the publication revealed how the app worked. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reiterated earlier this year his belief in the centrality of private messaging for the future of the tech giant.

Among other news, Facebook is adding its name to Instagram and WhatsApp. It means that very soon we will be calling them Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook. And for instant messaging software, the times seem quite imminent. Indeed, the latest beta update of WhatsApp has already added the WhatsApp tag from Facebook to the app. The change is visible in Settings and is a clear indication from Marck Zuckerberg’s company to mark the territory.