3 Ways to Make Money From Online Games

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How can you make money from online games? There are many ways to do so, and it’s often easier than you think. You can play your way to wealth by taking advantage of bonuses and rewards, racking up in-game currency, or even creating new ways to make money in the game itself! Here are three ways you can make money from online games today.


1) Create a Gaming Stream

Do you love gaming? Have you ever wanted to broadcast yourself playing a game on Twitch or a similar site? If so, then consider streaming your gaming sessions for others to watch. Depending on how popular your channel is, you can charge people for subscriptions or allow viewers to pay for merch such as T-shirts. Alternatively, you can create an ad-supported channel and simply charge viewers a small fee for access; some sites like Patreon help creators do just that. Once you’ve built up your audience size and generated enough views, try offering other kinds of paid services; monthly subscription fees are common, and in exchange users get access not only to your channel but also chat rooms or forums where they can connect with one another. Either way, there’s money in online games! People are also making money from online pokies.


2) Build a Gaming Team

Gaming teams make money in a variety of ways, but building a team is a solid way to ensure that you have a steady stream of income. Even better, gaming teams are inexpensive and easy to create: all you need is a handful of people and an online forum. The exact strategy you use will depend on your own personal preferences, but some common methods include crowd-funding (which we’ll discuss in more detail below), sharing ad revenue, and posting ads for products or services on your website or in-game channel.  For example, if you’re playing League of Legends and want to monetize your passion for the game by making money from it, you can join forces with others who share your enthusiasm—and start a LoL team. A professional LoL team has several advantages over other money-making options: it’s straightforward, there’s low startup cost involved, and it can be very lucrative if managed correctly. You can check top online casinos for your money making ideas.


3) Build an App

There are several companies out there that will pay you for building an app for them. While these opportunities don’t make up a huge portion of your potential income, they can be a great way to pad your wallet and gain valuable coding experience. It is estimated that more than 300,000 apps have been developed since Apple introduced its App Store in 2008, which means there is definitely money to be made by creating an App for someone else.  For example, one developer built a Flappy Bird clone in just two days and earned $50,000 from it. If you want to try your hand at making money from online games then we recommend checking out GameSalad. This tool lets anyone create their own game without any programming knowledge or special skills needed! The best part? You keep 100% of all revenue generated from ads or in-app purchases.