Best Photography Apps

photography apps

Today’s modern phones come with some awesome cameras attached. The camera in your new iPhone is probably better than an expensive digital camera from a few years back. To make sure you are getting the most out of your smartphone’s camera; check out our list of the bets photography apps.

Snapchat is the app that got famous on college campuses by letting you send goofy photos of things without images lasting. The idea was the photos or videos delete shortly after. While this is the still the case, most users now know that these images can easily be stored with a screenshot. Security and privacy concerns are big for a lot of users as we can see by reading some of SiteLock Reviews. Despite the fact your photos are not necessarily temporary; Snapchat still has a massive following. Users like the fact that the images they share are more casual than on other more permanent social sites. Snapchat also keeps coming out with wild and crazy new video and photo augmented reality features such as giving the user dog ears or a mustache. For fun and goofy photos Snapchat is one of the best photography apps.

The surprise success of this social photo sharing platform took many by surprise. Now Instagram ranks with Twitter and Facebook as one of the most influential social media sites. Originally making filters its claim to fame, Instagram now relies on its hordes of users looking to soak up and create the latest trends. People flock to Instagram to see what their favorite artists, celebrities, and chefs are up to. Besides just sharing what you had for brunch, Instagram has become a crucial tool for artisans and small business you can gain traction by posting attractive pictures of their work.

For the more serious iPhone photographer there is VSCO (pronounced “Visco.”) VSCO has many of the features that seem standard in a photo app but they do them better than most. VSCO has professional grade filters and editing abilities without the need to export your photos to your computer.  What used to take hours of transferring and editing on a powerful desktop can now be done with a flicks on your iPhone or iPad. While there are many apps that promise the same features as VSCO, few delivery the professional quality and ease of use that this powerful photo app offers. So if you are looking for filters more serious than dog ears or “vintage,” check out VSCO and impress your friends with your stunning photography, no one will guess you took it on your smartphone!

Photography is a fun great way to share your passions and adventures with others. It is also a perfect way to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Whether you are looking for a laugh, trying to keep up on the latest trends in arts, food, and fashion, or wanting to take professional grade photos; our list of best photography apps is bound to be useful.