Do Not Believe Everything They Say! 7 Technological Myths



We all use all kinds of technological devices in our daily lives, but this does not mean that we are experts in these gadgets.

Perhaps the only ones who look at us as gurus are our parents tend to ask them any questions that arise concerning these gadgets.

Sometimes (the least, what we’re going to cheat) we have the solution to their problems; but sometimes we have to go to Google to get the answer. In addition, many hoaxes have expanded so fast that we have taken as realities, and although we seem talks about understood, after reading these seven rumors believe you should stop from now, you will see how bundled on more than one occasion.


You do not know if it ever happened to you (probably yes, because it is a classic) take some time to reflect on whether you opt for a PC or an Apple when you want to buy a computer. Normally, the people who are against this dichotomy tends to weigh most probable purchase Apple because, although usually more expensive, it is a computer that will never have a virus.¡Mentira! Yes, although you will not believe the brand computers manzanita they are also susceptible to malware.

If you are someone who takes advantage of the night hours to charge mobile, certainly more than one occasion you have you heard someone say that in this way’re ruining the battery, because once the Smartphone charged should not spend many more hours online to the mains. Well, you have a reason to refute because it is not true.

The smartphone, as the name suggests, are very intelligent and have the capacity to know when your battery is charged.

Following mobile, and keeping the theory of how smart they are and our devices, you should not continue to believe that they just put a load when fully dead battery.

If you are thinking to buy a new mobile phone, and you want to use to buy one that has a good camera to photograph every holiday to come soon, do not be fooled with megapixels. It has the best smartphone camera with higher number of pixels, other factors play in favor of converting your photographs better or worse, as the leading light sensor built.

For the ‘apple adict’ Good news: you can charge your iPad with your iPhone charger and vice versa. Yes, is not going to happen to your tablet by using this plug, Apple’s own website says you can charge two devices with the same charger.

Sure it sounds like this scene: move the mobile from one side to the other, up and down, looking for more coverage. Here is the canard, lying is the number of bars that will appear on the screen of your phone: to have more does not mean you better service.

These symbolists only indicate how close you are to a tower that will allow you to have more or less coverage to use your device, but, as many have already checked, you may have all filled bars and receiving a call remains choppy or even impossible to do.

And finally, a video that circulated widely on the Internet and we hope that you have not fallen into the clutches of his hoax. As absurd as it may seem many believed could recharge the battery of a device with an onion that had also isotonic drink (to help this energy).