What Technological Strategies Should I Integrate Into My Company’s Strategic Plan?

If you run a company and have recently realized that the systematic implementation of customized technological strategies could take your organization’s level of success to a new height, it’s time to begin making individual and institutional changes. Start incorporating some or all of the following tech-based tips into your company’s strategic plan so your organization can begin to thrive in a new way:
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Resellers Can Meet The Demands Of The Encrypted BlackBerry Market

As hacking and cybercrime pop up in the headlines more and more often, people are beginning to realize that their personal and professional digital habits are leaving them exposed. Not only are they vulnerable to crimes like identify theft and fraud, even their personal or business communications are exposed to the prying eyes of criminals, police agencies, and state-sponsored hackers. The state of cybersecurity today has people from all walks of life concerned for the integrity of their personal emails, financial data, intellectual property, and anything communicated online or by mobile.
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Tech For The Holidays: 5 Ideas To Impress Your Loved One

When your friend or family member measures theirholidays in megabytes, then you know you can’t rely on the usual gifts that pop up around the season. Another cable knit sweater won’t work, nor will a discounted DVD of Elf you picked up from CVS. Gift certificates are impersonal, boutique jam sits in the fridge for years, and jewellery is too expensive.
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4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Act

Unfortunately, your customers may not be inclined to take action, even if you have a desirable product or service. Part of the challenge in business is connecting with consumers and learning more about what causes them to make a purchase.
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Reasons Why You Ought to Consider The Best Antivirus Software

There are a number of reasons why you should have antivirus software. Mainly because of the various threats to your computer. Antivirus software gives your computer the best protection, and assurance of a long life. Here are some tips to find the right, and best, antivirus software for your needs.

Automatic updates

When you have the best antivirus software, it provides updates automatically. The software keeps updating with new versions to enable it to keep up with the level of new threats from the internet. Old versions are not able to offer optimal protection for your computer. Software with automatic updates is best to keep your computer fully protected.

Scan as you work

When you have the best antivirus software, it will not hinder you from working while scanning files for issues; it has the ability to work in the background so as not to affect your work flow, without causing any inconvenience. When you go for the leading antivirus software for your computer, you will not waste time waiting for the scan to be completed. The best will also offer you a rapid scanning feature.


This is another factor most people need to consider. Even the most expensive software will not guarantee you safety against corrupted files. Go ahead and search for the best cheap antivirus with maximum protection for your computer. To get affordable antivirus software, go for an upcoming brand. Mostly they will provide top notch features and protection. Purchase the best, not depending on the cost, but its ability to protect your computer successfully.

Always on guard

When you have the best antivirus software, you are assured of protection always. The software has the ability to detect any corrupted files as they arise. This will prevent the computer from any incoming threats. The files are then isolated, to run any further checks for detected viruses. Choose to not put your computer at risk, and get protection against malicious code hidden inside files.

User friendly

One of the most important factors you will get with the best antivirus software is the fact that it’s extremely user friendly. When you need to make a purchase, download, install and also run the software, it should be very easy. You should not have to worry about operating the software. You do not need a technician, or a high level of computer skills to simply get the software running smoothly.

Ensuring you have the best antivirus software on your computer is easy. Finding the best program can be easy, when you have an idea about its functions and advantages. Ensure that your computer is safe and secure by installing the best security program.



Event AV Technology

4 Key Pieces of Event AV Technology You Need to Know About

Are you planning an event? Do you want to make a big impact? Often the way to make the biggest splash is with some key pieces of AV event technology. But technology moves so fast, so how do you know which equipment is worth investing in, and which you should leave to the side? Here are some of the standard AV setups that can make a big difference to your event.

  1. High-Quality LED Screens

LED screens are perfect for displaying images with the upmost clarity, and helping to grab the audience’s attention from a distance. You also need a screen that is good for viewing up close. LED screens can be flat or curved, or even shaped into a variety of other configurations. You can use these screens to build personalised and individual displays that immediately make an impact. Large screens are essential for showing information to large audiences but they also serve many other purposes. LED screens are the perfect backdrop for display stands. You can also get solutions that incorporate 3D images, and touch screens.

  1. Interactive Screens

Nowadays it is easier than ever to build a display or put on entertainment at an event which incorporates interactive and touch screens. In fact, it is an expected factor in technology that there will be some interactive element. Touch screens and tablets bring an extra element to your display or to your event. You can use them to integrate attendees into the experience, to impart information, or to make it easier for attendees to customise their experience. A good Audio Visual Equipment Supplier will be able to advise you on the type of interactive technology available and how it can be incorporated into your event experience.

  1. Digital Signage

Practically no modern event uses static signs to inform and direct. Digital signage is essential for making sure that everyone gets information that is up-to-date and relevant. The main advantage of digital signage is you can change the message and the information whenever you need to, from a central point. But they also look better. They attract more attention and bring extra benefits to the event by standing out, becoming talking points, and looking more professional.

  1. Live Streaming & Webcasting

Get your message out to a wider audience by live streaming content so everyone can experience the best parts of your event. You can also incorporate webcasts and streaming so you can use content after the event as part of your marketing collateral.

website design

Why Website Builders Can’t Compete with Humans

If you’re like many small business owners, the thought of creating your own website and saving thousands—or even tens of thousands—is tempting. Many website builders promise great results for a low price, without you having to worry about hiring a professional. But are these claims too good to be true?
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customer relation

What Types Of Technological Strategies Can I Use To Optimize Business Growth?

People who want their businesses to flourish often forget that technological tools and strategies can help them realize the objective. If you’ve been searching for techniques that will metabolize company growth, note that using some or all of the following technological strategies might work for you:

1. Utilize Time Management Software.

One technological strategy that can empower you to push your company forward is the use of time management software. This software is effective because it shortens and simplifies the process of recording the number of hours that your employees work. The professionals of companies such as Journyx are pleased to provide clients with Time Expense Tracking for Dynamics GP software that will assist with these processes. Before you purchase time management software from anyone, make sure that you take the time to do research on the retailer in question. This will help ensure that you’re purchasing the software from a company that is known for operating ethically.

2. Develop A Cutting Edge Online Marketing Campaign.

Another technological strategy you can deploy to push your business forward is developing a cutting edge online marketing campaign. This strategy is empowering because it enables you to move your company beyond the local level by connecting you with prospective buyers and business partners all around the world. Another big benefit of maintaining a strong online presence is that doing so enables you to constantly communicate with members of your target audience. You can optimize communication through the use of multiple marketing techniques, some of which include email marketing, content advertising, and social media optimization.

3. Purchase Customer Relationship Management Products.

One final technological technique that can push your organization into a new dimension of efficacy and excellence is purchasing customer relationship management products. This strategy is effective because it will help your sales staff keep detailed records of each interaction they have with a client or prospect. Once this happens, anyone with access to the CRM database will be able to review existing notes prior to communicating with the customer. This process optimizes communication and thereby plays an integral role in fueling sales and customer loyalty.

Start Optimizing Business Growth Now!

Three technological techniques that can keep your company in a state of growth include utilizing time management software, developing a cutting edge online marketing campaign, and purchasing customer relationship management products. Start using these strategies now so you can keep your organization on the path to phenomenal growth!


4 Signs of a Great Programmer

Many people need to hire programmers. It may be for coding an app, adding functionality to a website, tailoring an interface with a cloud application, or updating a legacy application. However, very few know how to tell the difference between mediocre programmers and the great ones, though the difference between them is code that works flawlessly and something that works minimally well. The difference in skill levels affects price; the great programmer charges a higher hourly or daily rate, but finishes far faster, saving you money over the lesser talent that takes two or three times longer. Here are four signs of a great programmer.

They Take the Time to Understand Your System As Is

Attention to detail is necessary for someone to be a good programmer. However, it is not enough to be a great programmer or coder. A good process improvement expert will take the time to thoroughly map the system as is before they start making changes. Then they’ve guaranteed that there are no questions about how overlooked tasks are handled. They look at the workarounds you already use and plan for how they will be properly handled.

Great programmers do the same thing with your software system. There are no missed automatically generated reports or backups of backups as required by risk managers, but instead an accounting of all these back end processes so that they are all either recorded as merged with major processes or deliberately dropped with clear communication to the relevant stakeholders.

They know where all of the data is coming in from and ensure that you don’t miss data formatting for a critical source of information, or overlook an interface one of your suppliers’ uses. The time they spend understanding things as is thus improving the odds of a smooth transition to the new system. Attention to detail doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t take the time to map out things as is before planning how to change it.

Clearly Obvious Logical Thinking – and Communication Skills

You want someone who can clearly communicate technical requirements and issues with you. You need a programmer who can draw a clear diagram of your current system as-is with all the data inputs, outputs and software modules. You must have a programmer who can explain the issues they are encountering and describe their solutions in a language that you and your technical team can understand.

You cannot afford a coder who uses minimal high level diagrams, writes impenetrable support documentation and has to be hired back to make any minor change to the system.

What about teamwork? Actually, clear communication skills top teamwork, especially if no one understands what the person is doing. And logical thinking combined with good communication is essential for others to realize they don’t understand a crucial system, whether their work is supported by one on-staff subject matter expert or a dozen other people.

They Take the Time to Understand the Customer’s Needs and Wants

A common mistake that designers make is designing a home they would like to live in instead of what their clients would like to have. Major software development projects have failed because someone designed a robust software application that didn’t behave like the customer expected it to, lacked essential functions for its intended customer base, or was too difficult to use for the average user. A great programmer takes the time to understand customer needs and customer wants. They then allocate time to ensuring that everything you need is in place and works as required before tackling the nice to have features.

The ability to create beautiful interfaces is irrelevant to this requirement. For example, a financial software application that looks great but requires time consuming manual updates and fails to protect your data from identity theft is, by definition, a failure. A software application that presents any reported data set in an easy to understand format without taking forever to generate is, in contrast, a success, even if the user interface is minimal compared to the prior one.

A variation on this theme is respecting deadlines. A great programmer will strive to meet your deadlines, and they’ll tell you if they don’t have room in their schedule to meet yours. A mediocre programmer may tell you they can probably do it and not care if they run a week or more over, though you wanted to plan the software update or rollout to fit a third party’s maintenance window.

By defining needs versus wants up front, the great programmers can divide their work into critical tasks and filler tasks and ensure the “must-haves” are completed on schedule. They’ll tell you that the problems that arose during testing will prevent wanted but unnecessary upgrades or changes from taking place so that you can meet your deadline. They plan their schedule with enough time to thoroughly test the software in every practical way, while welcoming beta testers prior to rollout.

An Ability to Handle Failure and Ways to Cause It

You only want to work with programmers who thoroughly test the software you are paying them to create for every likely and potential problem. Testing should address not only the most commonly used functions, but mission critical ones. For example, a coder creating a financial app should not only test that it is easy to import data from your bank to the application and manually enter records, but that it flawlessly exports your data to tax preparation software and can’t be hacked by commonly used tools.

Great programmers don’t just look at the load time for reports and demand on the server. They test the software for errors in data imports and typos by human users and ensure that the software application doesn’t crash when that happens. They design installation scripts that almost never screw up, as well as scripts to smoothly uninstall the software when the installation fails or needs to be upgraded. They test for data interface errors and design useful error messages.


Great programmers take the time to understand your system as it currently is, not as you think it works. This, combined with attention to detail, ensures that software migrations truly take everything you need to keep with you and clean up any loose ends. Great programmers have both logical thinking skills and communication skills. You cannot afford to have impenetrable user documentation or an inability to understand what you received. Great programmers take the time to understand both what you need and what you want. They strive to deliver the critical deliverables while planning the nice to have functions in accordance with your schedule. Finally, they plan for failure through rigorous testing of the software and building robustness into the system.

working home

Fancy working from home?

Sick of the long commute to the office, want more flexible working hours? Want to be able to work from your spare room or couch as a freelance worker? Then home-working could be for you. With all of the digital technologies we now have at our finger tips, there have never been so many remote working opportunities available – spanning across all sorts of industries. But it’s not necessarily as easy as it looks, working from home that is. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering breaking off from the 9 to 5 office job.
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