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Simple Upgrades That Will Make Your Laptop Feel Brand New

There are some very interesting new laptops on the market today, just in time for the start of the next semester. The Dell XPS 15 with its Infinity display is one of the best you can pick up. The newly refreshed MacBook Pros now come at lower prices and with better specs too. Unfortunately, an upgrade to the latest model isn’t always an option.
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What Parts of My Laptop Can I Upgrade?

If you have a laptop that you have had for some time now and simply can’t afford to replace at the moment, you might be looking to upgrade components to make it faster or more in keeping with today’s software. Sometimes we have numerous files that would be a royal pain copying and moving to another laptop and other times there is software installed that would be impossible, for one reason or another, to move to a new system. Would you like to upgrade your laptop computer? Here are the parts of your laptop that can ‘usually’ be upgraded. Keep Reading


How to Hack Any PC Game Using the Cheat Engine

As the digital world, especially the gaming world, continues to expand, more and more people are drawn to play PC and console games. Many of these people are beginner players, and they can get stuck playing advanced or difficult games.

What do you do if you are a beginner game player? Do you give up in frustration or do you find a cheat or hack that will allow you to carry on playing the game?
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smartphone highlights

Let’s take a break from comparing iOS with Android.

Today we put Samsung’s Galaxy S7 against LG’s G5 to see which of the two offers the better Android mobile experience. Here we go!

Design matchup

LG G5 – LG offered a complete revolution in terms of design, perhaps more than any other handset this quarter. The G5 sports a full metal body complete with a sensitive fingerprint sensor on the rear with the power button. The G5’s modular design offers an attractive soft curve from the display that tapers off the top and there are no reception bands here as well! Take that, Apple and Samsung!
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Top 5 Micromax phones to buy this season

You’re probably bored of buying phones that are expensive and don’t really have much to offer. Dropping them is almost a crime and your heart breaks when there is an update available but your phone is suddenly too old for it. Very soon you might sell off your current expensive cell phone at a much lower price and then end up spending a bomb on another expensive one.
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The best open-world games

Recently, the long-awaited Just Cause 3 from Square Enix was released for consoles and PC. It is known that the game features an enormous map of about 1000 square kilometers. Gamers can train, parachute jump, fly awing suit, swim and have plenty of fun. In this regard, we have decided to recall the most interesting games for Xbox One and PS4 with a huge open world. Keep Reading


Should I Get an iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4?

Hybrid PCs take the functionality of tablets to a whole new level, bringing the processing power of a laptop to this slimmed-down form factor. There are countless tablet options on the market, but the two most popular lines are the Microsoft Surface and iPad families, each of which enjoys a long and successful history in the industry. . The Microsoft Surface Pro will be released at Harvey Norman in November alongside the iPad Pro, and while both are built as the finest device available, only a direct comparison can uncover the truly superior option.
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gadget protection

The Summer, The Worst Enemy Of Your Gadgets

gadget protection

Few days left for the summer officially begins. Is the favorite season for most of us, but not for our gadgets … Did you know that summer is the season in which the ship deteriorate more? Want to know how to avoid it? Here we tell you how. But to prevent anything should be well before you informed.

Team viewer, a software company remote control and online meetings, has identified 5 major risk factors:


Heat: The increased heat in the atmosphere makes the devices can not properly perform the tasks of cooling and can impair both the performance and the life of the device.
Water: Many people take their laptop, smartphone, tablet or other beach or pool. Oh … those splash!

Forgetfulness: Today you’ve decided to take with you to the beach your tablet or laptop. But you’ve taken so many precautions trying not to give the sun directly, you’ve hidden so well that in the end you you’ve left there forgotten. ERROOORRR !!!

Thefts: For some reason, in summer increases the activity of the “foreign friends”. We must caution!

Computer viruses: Hackers exploit every opportunity to colartela. And an email with pictures of idyllic destinations tempting to let your guard down … No, look carefully at the sender and be very careful before sharing your phone or your bank details in response to an email.


Against dismissal, there is little we can do for you. But everything else is easily remedied.

To prevent overheating, keep your gadgets safe from direct sunlight, and avoid leaving them in places they are reheated, as the glove compartment of a car. It is also important to keep the vents clean and if the device has a holster may be appropriate to remove it during the middle of the day.

Furthermore, in the case of computers, refrigerators grounds exist that keep optimum temperature, and even an external fan could help avoid excessive temperature.

To prevent your phone, tablet, PC or other end “drowned” (literally), keep it as far as possible from the edge of the pool, and be very careful not to get it wet when out of the water. If you’re having a drink while using an electronic device, more of the same: be careful not to spill!

And if for some reason just getting wet, do not panic, you may be able to resurrect it in a few minutes. In a recent post we tell you how.

However, there are covers keyboard and even submersibles or liquid proof.

And before thieves (on and offline) , maintain control at all times and have a good password and data encryption device will be your best allies.

On the other hand, if you go on vacation it is likely to try to connect to a public wireless network. Do not forget that these networks often involve some risks, you can avoid taking a few precautions.

Now, the only thing left for you to enjoy a perfect holiday is to look and compare prices, make a reservation and prepare your suitcase! Countdown!