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5 of the Best PHP Frameworks to Use in 2017

PHP Frameworks are great platforms to work from for PHP developers to develop scripts much quicker than starting the whole coding process from scratch. Not only is the coding process much quicker, as you can see on sites like this one, but frameworks come equipped with many functions and better security, so PHP applications are always coded using the latest standards. There are many PHP Frameworks to choose from, and depending on how advanced the script is that you are developing, will ultimately depend on the PHP Framework you take advantage of. Have a look at the below five PHP Frameworks that will continue to be popular among PHP developers in 2017.
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How to Record Useful Videos From Websites

Are you hooked on how much really useful information is out there on the various how-to guides and tutorials that you encounter on websites? Having all that information just a few clicks away is definitely incredible – but unfortunately you will lose that access if you aren’t online.

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Matrix Data

5 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Data Breaches

Today’s modern society has a new challenge that has recently expanded in its complexity. This new challenge for many businesses today is to continuously combat the growing issue of data security online. There are many industries that struggle with keeping up with the changing technologies of cybersecurity. The good news is that many of these industries are working hard to combat this problem and keep customers’ and stakeholders’ information private and secure. Here are the five industries that are most vulnerable to data breaches.
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Microsoft SCCM

Microsoft SCCM Pros and Cons

For those of you who haven’t heard of SCCM, it may sound mysterious!  For those of you who have heard of it, you’re probably already cowering!  SCCM!  Microsoft’s System Centre Configuration Manager.  This will be one of the most powerful tools that Microsoft has to offer, but it can also be the bane of your existence!
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Charles Phillips Discusses Enterprise Software Applications

If you are a businessman, aspiring or experienced, the name Charles Phillips is definitely one that is known. Ever since he worked for Oracle his vision was clear and brought in so many new acquisitions and investments with the main purpose of making the user have a customized software solution that meets all needs. The trend continued during his ongoing leadership of Infor. Everything revolves around his vision about cloud computing and enterprise software applications. Some of the main ideas about the topic are presented below.
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Is Technology Taking the Human Element out of HR?

What is being touted as the number one benefit to technology is also being questioned as a potential nemesis to HR. Technology not only speeds up many of the functions within the workplace but also is more cost effective in many situations than using human workers and can, at times, be infinitely more accurate is some applications. But does this mean that technology, when utilised by departments such as HR (Human Resources), is taking the human element out of that particular business relationship? Actually, the answer may surprise you! Keep Reading

business software

Business Software Implementation Mistakes That Should Not Happen

Adapting is a huge part of the modern business world. The software that you used last year is most likely outdated and you have to use something else. There is no shortage of business software solutions that are available for companies of all sizes. Previously president of Oracle, Charles Phillips is now Infor’s CEO and stands out as an example of innovation and new technology. Clients keep receiving new software and upgrades always happen. However, most companies from around the world handle the expansion alone.
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Why making user-friendly business software matters

While consumer software tends to be slick and easy to use these days, it seems that the opposite is the case for business software.

When programmers put these applications together, they feel like they don’t have to worry about appealing to the B2C market, so they pay no attention to basic usability issues.
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An In-Depth Look at the Top Problems You Face as a Meeting Room Booking Manager

If you’re in charge of making sure that multiple people – each with their own busy schedules and agendas – are able to meet at a certain date and time at a certain place, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s about confirming a date, time, and place that is practical for everyone, and that is a lot easier said than done. Add to that arranging for the right venue, making sure all audiovisual equipment is available and ready, finding the right caterers and other services, when necessary, and you understand that a meeting room booking manager without the right tools will have a stressful experience. Here, then, is an in-depth look at the top problems you face as a meeting room booking manager.

Wasted time

Traditionally, all information was jotted down on paper or on a spreadsheet. These outdated means not only caused a lot of confusion, but made it additionally hard to retrieve previously noted information or make changes in an organised manner. This, of course, led to a lot of wasted time. Calls, emails, post-it notes, underlining, scratching out – you get the picture. It’s important to have a clear overview and organised information.

Scheduling errors

These can arise, and for several reasons. Often, the mistakes are caused by speaking to the wrong person. At other times, scheduling errors are due to delayed or outdated information. Human error is also a cause in many of the cases. Whatever the causes are, scheduling errors are often frustrating and can lead to quick fixes that result in all-round disappointment.

Morale and perception

Often there are many people involved in the process of organising events, and communication is important. With so many details to take care of, no person can remember it all – and relying on your own memory often leads to breakdown in morale and customer perception.


It’s not just about saving time – it’s also about making the most of the space that is available. At times it’s hard to monitor what space is available, and this leads to disorganisation. Sometimes, plans B, C, and D need to be considered to ensure not everything goes haywire when the event, meeting, or conference begins.

For those who understand the hassles and problems, there is a very efficient solution, however: meeting room booking software specifically created for proper conference room management. The greatest advantage of this is that the meeting room booking manager has a complete overview at any time – from available meeting rooms to attendees, and from catering services to transport or equipment hire. It saves time, prevents errors, streamlines visitor management, and much, much more. Meeting room booking managers have a job that can’t be underestimated, and they really do deserve all the help they can get.


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