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How to Integrate Credit Cards and Mobile Payments

There are two important factors to focus on when creating an ecommerce site, especially when you want to quickly convert visitors into customers and start selling products and services. The first one is shopping experience. A good online store must be easy to use and must work really well on mobile devices. The second factor is the checkout process. Accepting credit cards and mobile payments is now a must, especially if you don’t want customers to drop their carts and move to another online store due to a complicated checkout process.

According to studies by Rutgers Online and its Business Administration degree program, services such as PayPal and Swipe are already making it very easy for home and small businesses to accept credit card payments. These services are also easy to integrate into most ecommerce and CMS platforms thanks to existing plugins and add-ons.

To understand the importance of integrating credit cards and mobile payments, be sure to read Credit Cards and Mobile Payments: What Your Business Needs to Know for Now and the Near Future by Rutgers Online.

How Businesses are Adapting to the Independent Contractor Economy

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kids internet safety

The Importance of Teaching Kids Internet Safety

It is amazing just how much children today know about computers and at such an early age. Most parents, even though our school days were just a matter of a few years ago, can’t quite get over the fact that even kindergarten students are being taught how to code and some basic programming skills. That’s truly amazing, isn’t it?

However, there is something even more important than learning how to code and that is how to stay safe in a world where there are so many predators out there. From simple hackers looking to pull pranks to child predators up to no good, the world is full of not-so-nice people and children should be taught internet safety from a very early age.
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The Fundamentals of Website Security: A Guide For Ecommerce Retailers

Online businesses are easy targets for cyber criminals. However, there are ways in which you can protect your business. Use this guide to make sure that your business’ information is always safe.

A myriad of financial information is being uploaded onto the Internet on a daily basis. No matter the size of these e-commerce sites, they can attract illegal opportunities. Investing in website security is a necessity before you get started on your own e-commerce project. Here is a list of information that is crucial for you to know about website security:
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web security

Make Sure Your Site Stays Safe

While websites are becoming easier and easier to build, they are also becoming bigger and bigger targets for hackers. Here are some tips on how to make sure your site stays safe from SPAM, bots, and hackers.

Watch Out For File Uploads
Many websites now allow users to upload images and other files for different functions. While this is a great feature for your users, it can put your site at risk. Hackers can use these uploads to insert backdoors into your website, allowing them complete access to your code and your database. One thing you can do to make uploads safer is set strict rules for which file types are allowed. As you can tell by reading Sitelock Reviews many web developers find it easier and safer to use a 3rd party service to protect their site and scan for potential backdoors.
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mac cleaner 7

How to Boost the Speed and Performance of a Mac

Do you feel as though your Mac has suddenly started to get much slower than it used to be? If so then you probably aren’t imagining it as at some point or other most Macs do tend to suffer from that problem.

The good news is that you can do something about it. The reason why your Mac is acting up is undoubtedly the fact that there is too much junk on its hard drive, and it is being ‘clogged’ and starting to slow down as a result. To fix that, you should use Movavi Mac Cleaner to ‘clean’ the junk off by deleting it.
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Accurate Data Means

Accurate Data Means Defect-Free Production

From the very beginning of their use, the power of coordinate measuring machines to become integrated closer into the production process has been recognized. Quality control is about more than just double-checking that parts have the correct dimensions. Defects have to be traced back to the production line to determine which tool is the source of the error, at which point it can be fixed, verified, and put back into action without leading to further wasted time and materials. In the past, the long throughput of quality control departments delayed that flexibility. First, components had to be temperature controlled before they could be accurately measured away from the shop floor. Then, reams of data had to be analyzed in order to find relevant dimensions and flaws could be discovered. Finally, tools had to be inspected by measurements technicians to get them back online.
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The Pros and Cons of Government Surveillance

A lot has been said about the issue of government surveillance in society today. There are different points of view and schools of thought related to this issue. Some people feel that the privacy of the normal citizen faces increasing threats from the growing surveillance apparatus. These individuals feel that their privacy is being invaded in the name of National Security.

Others on the other hand, do not mind the amount of surveillance put on them. They feel that with the rising threat of terrorism, theft and home grown criminals, it is much safer for the government to keep up with the surveillance of its citizens. These individuals feel that it is better to live under surveillance than to live in fear.
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What Harm Do Computer Viruses Actually Do?

A computer virus is basically a program that you do not want and that invades your hard drive. It can do a whole lot of damage in various different areas. Generally, someone will write a computer program and embed with something harmful on purpose. As soon as the program gets downloaded onto a computer, the virus will start to damage the computer and its information. All viruses are different, and there are literally thousands of viruses in existence today.
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