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9 Things Beginners Need to Know About Link Penalty

Every website is in the race to reach the highest search engine ranking possible to generate more traffic. With the tough competition, the beginners are having a hard time competing in the big leagues and hence resorting to link-building tactics that are continually violating the strict guidelines set by Google. However, there’s forgetting one important thing: Link Penalty. Keep Reading

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Five Ways You Can Build and Better Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform and an important digital marketing tool that your business should use to optimize your brand. There are numerous fun and creative ways to build and improve upon your brand using Instagram.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is used by the largest businesses in the world. Whether they are trying to keep previous customers enticed or are trying to reach out to new customers, Instagram is an excellent tool for all companies. Although large companies utilize Instagram, your business does not need millions of followers to reap Instagram’s marketing benefits. Every company can use Instagram to augment their brand. Here are five tips to get you started: Keep Reading


What Is More Important – The Quality Or Quantity Of Social Media Audience?

With organic reach in most social media platforms on the dip, it is possible for a business to think that the more numbers of fans they have, the better their business is doing. While this may look true if taken at face value, it is necessary to dig deeper to see the real state of a business with such followers.

You may have many fans, following or liking your posts, but do not take action, such as sharing, contributing to the discussion or so. They are just there, and may never buy from you as well. In this case, you may want to ask, am I really targeting the right group of audience?
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Online Marketing For Any Business

No matter what type of business you own, marketing is essential to get your brand in front of consumers that have the best chance to turn into customers. There are many online options for marketing, and most do not come with a high cost. Here are three of the most essential online marketing options you can use for your business.
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Honest User Reviews Are (Always) Good for Business

Whether you’re a website owner who wants more off-site exposure for SEO purposes or you’re selling products and services, user reviews should always be part of your marketing campaign. Allowing users to tell their honest opinions about the products and services you’re offering is always good for business. Here are some of the advantages of user reviews regardless of whether they’re good or bad. Keep Reading

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How Can Unified Communications and Social Networking Work Together?

The idea of unified communications and social networking partnering up might not seem like the obvious choice at first. Mixing social media, which is quite casual and filled with people’s personal views, opinions and stories doesn’t exactly seem like the best match for unified communication, which has a more formal demeanor, centered around meeting notices and conference calls. However, the two have often been used together, offering their users the best of both of these worlds. Read on to find out more about how social networking and UC are collaborating in order to create a quicker, easier and more efficient communication process. Keep Reading


Help Your Food Startup Steer Clear of Social Media Mistakes With These Tips

Because social media is such a powerful tool for your food startup, it can be used for great benefits, but if you’re not careful, could have devastating effects. One of the most important things to keep in mind when monitoring social media channels is that the way you respond to a customer publicly can be captured online forever. There are specific things you can do to avoid social media mishaps and keep your startup strong, even in crowded and demanding markets.
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Importance of updating content for SEO

An age old concept associated with search engine optimization is that ‘Content is King”. And it won’t be wrong to say that the same belief remains valid even today. In fact, if you have understood the importance of content in the world of SEO, you have learnt the mantra of success in this field. If not entirely, it is at least one of the integral parts of SEO, which can determine how successful your online business campaign would be.
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5 Tips For Web And SEO In China

o Baidu (China’s primary web crawler), puts more accentuation on the amount of connections and less on their quality. This makes the SEO work less complex, in spite of the fact that remember that it is less complex for everybody. In the event that you are in a business sector in which there is loads of SEO rivalry, be set up to construct a higher amount of connections. Be cautious however, as building heaps of “spammy” connections on your site for Baidu could contrarily affect your Google positioning for the same site.
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