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Fancy working from home?

Sick of the long commute to the office, want more flexible working hours? Want to be able to work from your spare room or couch as a freelance worker? Then home-working could be for you. With all of the digital technologies we now have at our finger tips, there have never been so many remote working opportunities available – spanning across all sorts of industries. But it’s not necessarily as easy as it looks, working from home that is. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering breaking off from the 9 to 5 office job.
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tech startup

4 Crucial Mistakes People Make When They Pitch Their Tech Startups

Many tech startup employees are sold on the idea that they are the next big thing. Unfortunately, they often fail to take the needs of investors into account when creating their pitch and planning their initial presentations to potential buyers or investors. Let’s look at the four crucial mistakes people make when they pitch their tech startups. Keep Reading


The Job Description of a CEO

Chief Executive Officer – CEO – is the most coveted of all job titles, but also the one that is often the least understood. CEOs, contrary to popular belief, don’t just do what they want. They also aren’t magically competent, nor are they all powerful. Rather, according to Infor CEO Charles Phillips, the job of a CEO is about identifying the needs and desires of everybody: staff, customers, communities, investors, the law, and so on. Yes, a CEO can delegate a lot of their work, but some parts can only be done by them.
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apple policy

Apple Told That They Have a Constitutional Duty to Assist the FBI

The Justice Department has said that Apple has a legal obligation to help the FBI gain access to Syed Farook’s iPhone. According to the Justice Department, the request is modest and Apple has no otherwise but to provide the Federal investigations body all the information they have on the highly sought criminal.

“It’s just one iPhone belonging to a criminal,” the government’s defense lawyers said. “We are not telling Apple to open all other iPhones o give the government a master key to all the other iPhone devices out there.”
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Plant Hire Service

Your All-Important Guide to Finding the Best Plant Hire Service for Your Needs

Many business enterprises today have made the important choice of hiring (instead of purchasing) the machinery and different types of equipment they need. This is indeed a good idea, because when you hire instead of purchase, you can keep your expenses down and have the advantage of flexibility as well. Plus, you don’t need to worry about maintaining equipment and will have the best quality to choose from. But before you go ahead and sign up with the first plant hire service you find, here’s what you should know first. Keep Reading