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3 Ways Beacons & Mobile Marketing Can Enhance Your Retail Business

As a retailer, maximizing on conversion opportunities is crucial. However, with the digital revolution changing the way people are shopping, marketing your brand and increasing conversion can get tricky. Mobility and flexibility are more important to customers than ever. What can you do to your marketing strategy to take advantage of this? Beacons and mobile marketing are your answer.
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Is Technology Taking the Human Element out of HR?

What is being touted as the number one benefit to technology is also being questioned as a potential nemesis to HR. Technology not only speeds up many of the functions within the workplace but also is more cost effective in many situations than using human workers and can, at times, be infinitely more accurate is some applications. But does this mean that technology, when utilised by departments such as HR (Human Resources), is taking the human element out of that particular business relationship? Actually, the answer may surprise you! Keep Reading

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How to Unlock Your Mobile Phone

According to surveys, more and more people in the UK are choosing to have their smartphone handsets unlocked. And, it’s not easy to see why an increasing number of mobile users are choosing to release their handsets from the clutches of just one network, with the wide range of benefits that having your handset unlocked can bring. Unlocking your handset not only gives you the freedom to choose when it comes to the mobile phone network that you want, it also gives you a bigger opportunity to save money by taking advantage of a range of great value SIM only deals, and helps you to get the most out of your handset by making it easier to sell or pass on to someone else.
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How to Find a Safe and Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency

Placing your trust and your money into a digital marketing agency can be a scary thing, especially for SMEs. They take quite a lot of money and you don’t get anything tangible in return. You need to wait weeks before you see anything happen to your search rankings and you get a vague ‘you’ll get a lot more business soon’ conversation. Obviously digital marketing works, though much to Googles chagrin, but oh well, they’re a faceless money obsessed conglomerate, so who cares? Finding a trustworthy agency is difficult as one wrong step could mean disaster, seeing as most of them will need your site log in details, plus the future of your business might hang on the worth of their service.
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Help Your Food Startup Steer Clear of Social Media Mistakes With These Tips

Because social media is such a powerful tool for your food startup, it can be used for great benefits, but if you’re not careful, could have devastating effects. One of the most important things to keep in mind when monitoring social media channels is that the way you respond to a customer publicly can be captured online forever. There are specific things you can do to avoid social media mishaps and keep your startup strong, even in crowded and demanding markets.
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Starting a Web Hosting Reseller Business: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve decided that you want to set up a web hosting reseller business, then you’ve made a brilliant choice. This type of online business offers a fantastic way to make yourself a healthy profit and gain lots of clients. It’s vital that businesses have a great website as being online is key to a successful business, but many don’t have either the time or knowledge to host and update their own website. Before you embark on your reseller hosting business, here’s a few things you should know. Keep Reading


Cheap Web Hosting is Bad for SEO

If you are wondering why, even after all the work you’re putting in to SEO strategies and techniques, your site doesn’t seem to be moving up in the search engine results at all, it could have something to do with the web hosting provider which you are using. For many website owners, the idea of web hosting doesn’t cross their mind when it comes to improving SEO. But, choosing the right web host can actually have a significant effect on search engine optimisation, with the right choice giving your SEO a boost and the wrong one doing the exact opposite. Here’s why cheap or free web hosting is bad for SEO. Keep Reading


Importance of updating content for SEO

An age old concept associated with search engine optimization is that ‘Content is King”. And it won’t be wrong to say that the same belief remains valid even today. In fact, if you have understood the importance of content in the world of SEO, you have learnt the mantra of success in this field. If not entirely, it is at least one of the integral parts of SEO, which can determine how successful your online business campaign would be.
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china website design

5 Tips For Web And SEO In China

o Baidu (China’s primary web crawler), puts more accentuation on the amount of connections and less on their quality. This makes the SEO work less complex, in spite of the fact that remember that it is less complex for everybody. In the event that you are in a business sector in which there is loads of SEO rivalry, be set up to construct a higher amount of connections. Be cautious however, as building heaps of “spammy” connections on your site for Baidu could contrarily affect your Google positioning for the same site.
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A Management Team Made up of CEOs

For people in the workforce, there is a clear difference between executives and employees. Some of these differences, like pay and responsibility, are very obvious. However, other differences are actually barriers, and they should be broken through for the benefit of the entire organization.
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